269 House

Modern house in Kyiv (Osokorki district) location on the shore of the lake, which borders on a nature reserve.  The trapezoidal shape of the plot was a limiting factor for us.  We wanted to make the façade longer and more dynamic.  But the work of an architect is not only a facade project, but a balance of a combination of factors.  We positioned the building in such a way that it completely visually covered the backyard.  The walk-through layout allows you to see the courtyard immediately from the front door through the studio space.  We did not subordinate the appearance to the surrounding buildings, but worked in contrast.  Modern finishing materials make the house technological and eye-catching.  Sharp shapes form the building's static blocks, making it dynamic, bold but not aggressive.  The implementation took two years.  The swimming pool took on special attention, with three different construction companies working on it.  But the result completely satisfied us.  And we are always pleased to see the happy faces of our customers.