269 House

Mickey house is the modern house in Kyiv location close to the lake, which borders on a nature reserve. Amassing view is open from the second floor, but the trapezoidal shape of the plot was a limiting factor for us on the first level. We wanted to make the facade longer and more dynamic, and the width of the land was not allow. The search for a balance of factors brought us to position the building in the midle part of the land.

We did not subordinate the appearance to the surrounding buildings, but worked in contrast. Modern finishing materials make the house technological and eye-catching.  Sharp shapes form the building's static blocks, making it dynamic, bold but not aggressive.

We can see first on the front yard is Mickey who invites us politely inside. The walk-through layout allows you to see the courtyard immediately from the front door through the studio space. It is make the house more light and open. And interior space losts limits with garden.

The swimming pool took forms that are more plastic of house's as a buffer between house and landscape. It has deep and child zones and straightforward way with long 15 meters. Two terraces located close to pool. One of them is open for sunbathes and other one closed of rain by active consol of second floor.

Land was naked in the beginning - not one tree, not one bush, only sand. And the house has been put up on 300 mm (1 ft ) higher for having layer growing ground.

The implementation took two years. However, the result completely satisfied us. Moreover, we are always pleased to see the happy faces of our customers.

Used materials and systems:

Basement and floor slabs: ferroconcrete

Walls: solid brick 380 and 250mm

Facades: Fibre cement panels Equitone Tectiva

Windows: Reynaers, MASTERLINE 8 HI; CP155LS HI Monoreil; CW50 HI

Roof: polymer membrane