Villa in the Pine Forest

The villa is located on two flat sections in a picturesque pine forest near Vyshgorod in the Kiev region. One of the key wishes of the client was the preservation of existing greenery on the site, so the architectural solution of the house and the improvement of the territory are subordinated to the existing environment. Stylistics of the building is determined by the customer's love for modern architectural and engineering trends. A large area of ​​glazing combines the internal space of the house with the surrounding scenic environment, and the wooden facade cladding integrates and dissolves the architectural volume in the natural environment. The highlight of the villa is a recreational unit consisting of indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, a hammam and a jacuzzi located on the second floor terrace, with the master bedroom of the house. As a result, a bright and spacious house has turned out, in which it is pleasant and comfortable to live.