Irish house 153

In 20 minutes drive from the center of Kiev, on the shore of the lake there is a compact cozy house, with a total area of ​​180 m2. The cottage is located on the outskirts of the village and the rear facade is oriented to the east. From the second floor, beautiful field landscapes open especially in the early morning. The fireplace room, oriented to the lake, flows smoothly into the dining room and kitchen. The space of rooms increases the high window openings, integrating the internal and external environment. To optimize the microclimate in the premises, the heat engineering calculation for the resistance to heat transfer and moisture absorption of the structural elements of the enclosing structures was made, and only certified environmentally friendly materials were used in the construction: basalt insulation, titanized metal, natural stone. This combination allows you to combine modern trends in the architecture of the house and the comfort of a stone ethnos. What can be more beautiful than after a hard working day and city bustle, come to your house and dissolve in nature. Fresh air, beautiful panorama from the second floor. Only here, you can really appreciate the comfort of home. It is a world full of wildlife and extraordinary colors.