Cottage town "Konyk"

Сottage town "Konyk" is the only village located within the boundaries of Kiev, the streets of which are included in the register of city streets. We have finalized and structured the general plan of the town and planted several separate objects of different architects, including ours, on the terrain. The uniqueness of the project is the absence in the city of Kiev of analogues to this complex. It is a combination of the richness of nature and the advantages of city life. The houses stand on the picturesque bank of the Konyk River with a view of Zhukov Island. The total area of ​​the cottage is 11.7 hectares. We took the best from the city and moved it here so that everyone who decided to buy a cottage here did not feel detached from civilization. At the same time, we wanted to achieve maximum autonomy from the outside world. In the town there will be everything necessary for a comfortable and peaceful life. We are not just striving for nature, we are striving for comfort in nature. On the border of the village there is the Konyk river and this allowed us to equip a beautiful embankment with a walking area, as well as a bridge leading to the other shore into the forest park zone. Throughout the perimeter of the village landscaping was carried out. A full-fledged social infrastructure is planned on the territory of the village, which will provide an opportunity for the residents to have everything they need, just like in a metropolis. Kindergartens, polyclinics, pharmacies, schools, shopping and other shops, restaurants, etc. The filled social, entertaining and commercial infrastructure will provide the most comfortable accommodation in the village. We have developed two blocked houses in Konyke, each of which is designed for four families. The apartments, with a total area of ​​215 m2, are located on two full floors and an attic, have an autonomous entrance, their covered parking for 2 cars, and a house area of ​​5 hundred. The project turned out to be very interesting: to live in the capital and at the same time feel the country comfort.