Mushroom house

The construction site is located in the mountains at an altitude of 900m above sea level on the Baltic system, in a remote location from the settlements, so nothing can distracts from the beautiful landscapes surrounding it. The client and his wife, middle-aged people, they love walking in the mountains and pick mushrooms. They were looking for a site in this ecologically clean region more than two years. The main task was to preserve the natural landscape and flora of this region, in the site there are many rare herbs and plants, and therefore to the conservation of plant layer we have handled with special care. Another important task was to create unique architectural solution that reflects the current views of the client, the nobility of the house and subordination to environment geometry. In fact, only these two aspects were the basis for the design, the client decided to hide their style preferences, and even a list of the desired rooms, leaving them to the architect. For the preparation of the concept we had just one week. We did a lot of sketches and in the end stood faced a choice - we had a lot of options: minimalist and bionic, flexible and ridged, with a combination of finishing materials and monochrome solutions. But to work for the presentation we had time to just one, so the choice was difficult, but as it turned out later, correct. We did not develop the landscaping for principle - nature has created all that was needed, we stuck to the philosophy of "don't mess up." “Everything is good, everything will be good” I said to myself when visited site first time. A special feature of the site is the total absence of utilities (electricity, gas, water and sewerage). Therefore, all vital systems are replaced with alternative sources of energy: - Water. On the site there are several springs of mineral water, project provides clean them and supply the whole house through the storage tank. - Electricity. Electricity consumers are minimized, all LED home lighting consumes 1.5 kW, Iron, Kettle ... through the stabilizer have reserve 4.5 kW. The main source are poly-crystal solar panels, and duplicated by a diesel generator. - Heating. Home heating is produced by solid fuel boiler with wood (in the forest there are many). Almost the whole house has underfloor heating, for the proper distribution of thermal energy. Large glass area is compensated by the natural warming of the hill on the north side. - Cooking is made by gas - imported gas cylinders.

Location:: Carpathian mountains, Zakarpatska area, Ukraine.
Area:: 260.0 sq.m.
Site area:: 1.3 Ha
Year:: 2014