A waste processing complex for the processing of solid domestic waste with a capacity of 80,000 tons per year is located in the village of Podgortsy on the territory of the Kiev polygon No. 5.

The design of the waste recycling complex for in-depth processing of solid household waste is associated with the world trends in the deepening of solid waste processing with the aim of increasing the use of their resource, raw materials and energy potential, as well as with the EU requirements to reduce the disposal of organic components capable of biodegradation at landfills and solid waste dumps.
Household waste makes a significant contribution to environmental pollution. Solid household waste (MSW) - this is the largest group of waste in terms of accumulation. Due to the presence in them of organic components (especially food waste) with high humidity, they are a source of unsanitary and environmental pollution.

The main elements of the complex are:
1. The checkpoint (checkpoint)
2. Admissions office
3. The waste sorting shop
4. Sorting line
5. gas turbine compartments
6. Branch of gasification.
7. Cogeneration unit
8. HBV screening site
9. Reserve site for recycling
10. Warehouse site
11. Composting mixture preparation workshop
12. Compost composts
13. Drop-out hopper
14. Compost site
15. Transforming substation
16. Administrative building
17. Boiler room.